Tyler Hill Dicked by Blake Mitchell…Helix Studios

Blake Mitchell’s second scene of 2018 on HelixStudios is a rematch this time bareback with Tyler Hill! Twocky Tyler takes all of that Mitchell cock Raw in what is sure to be a member favorite scene!

This sex dreamy HelixStudios scene pairs one of the best booties around with one of the best and BIGGEST tops! Tight tushed Tyler Hill and bonetastic Blake Mitchell can’t keep their hands, lips and loins to themselves the minute they step into the bedroom! After a hot, heavy and handsy make out session, both boys grab one another’s prized pieces before Tyler turns around and cracks a smile offering Blake his best side.

Mitchell mashes his mug inside Hill’s hot little hole while thumbing the tight tunnel. The horned up hottie begs our titanium top to put it in but Mitchell’s massive uncut member desires some lusty licking. Tyler slurps the perfect piece down while Mitchell tweaks the twink’s nipple. Hill plants a kiss on Blake then hikes a leg up, unable to resist his rumps need for a raw ramming. Using only natures lube, Blake busts inside Hill’s horny hole and quickly puts the porn pedal to the metal. Our famous cock cam goes in from underneath as top man Mitchell teases Tyler’s tasty tush with his expert skills, working his wang all the way out then slamming the super sized schlong back in deep down to the balls.

Blake is always in cocky control and always lets his boys know exactly what he wants and right now he wants Hill to hop on his huge hog for a ride. Hill hops on the big dick highway and drives Blake’s big rig up inside his hole, steering the stiffie to hit his hot spot. Mitchell puts his muscles to work by picking the tight bodied twink up to turn him over while keeping the kid corked with cock the entire time! He gets on his feet, mounting the spread eagle slut like a lion to dig deep.

Blake takes the boy’s booty on a tantric tour all over the bed in ever porny position imaginable before landing the lad on his back with his bone about to blow. With fuck me hard fanfare Tyler lets his load loose, covering his boyish blemish free flesh with fresh cream. Blake keeps bangin’ butt with Hill in toe curling heaven as he’s cumming close himself.

He whips his whopper out then splashes seed into Hill’s hairless hole with a wallop! Still convulsing and twitching from pure pleasure, he shoves that wonder weapon back inside Tyler’s warm tush. Then, Hill grabs his gorgeous top, pulling Blake onto him for a hot cum covered kiss.

Helix Studios

What a face shot!

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  1. I love seeing Tyler getting barebacked!

  2. Good to have you back, Dewayne, although I miss having more of your writing instead of almost entirely using the website’s material.

    Tyler is the sexiest he’s ever looked–and I’m so glad he started doing bareback scenes! Blake has a big cock, but otherwise doesn’t do anything for me. I’m hoping Max spares some time as 8TeenBoy director to do more sex scenes for Helix. Most of the new boys just aren’t in the same league as the stars that are still around, like Tyler and Max. Such a shame they lost Ashton.

    Any idea why Helix’s release schedule has been so irregular the past week or two? They went from 3 new scenes a week like clockwork to complete unpredictability, even throwing SpankThis scenes into their regular releases, which is unusual. For example, it’s Sunday morning, which used to mean a new scene had just come out. Today, nothing.

  3. Scott my big problem is I want to post on release day and I might not get to the scene to watch it until a week or two later. Then I need to go back and edit original post which I will gladly do if I remember.

    I was told by Helix they were resetting the release schedule, 3x a week Mon,Wed,Friday (Spank This is Monday and on the main Helix site now) Dropping Sunday for releases because even with auto-posting invariably they would have a glitch in a scene released on Saturday. No one is in the office on Sunday! All Helix release times are 12 Midnight Eastern/ 9 pm Pacific.

    This schedule is not final BTW may be some changes additions etc. New Cam and Tube content coming as well. From what I hear a lot of changes at Helix moving towards summer, including the third site later in the year.

    Alas Ashton Summers left because its obvious who he came to Helix for 😉 when they broke up he left. Not much Helix or any studio can do about personal relationships.

    Except maybe adopt Cameron Parks attitude of “do not date another porn star” 😉

    Cameron Drew

  4. Thanks, Dewayne. Helix has Twitter and Instagram accounts. And a blog. Not to mention every member’s e-mail address, and a “Members Area” login page on their website. None of them had anything about the changes. You’d think they would communicate these things directly to their members somehow.

  5. Yes Scott they have multiple platforms to alert members to changes and they never seem to communicate on changes to the site,members issues etc. I hear from Helix members all the time in my dm’s,texts and emails.
    I am the unofficial clearing house of information 😉

    I don’t mind really but Helix SHOULD be more open to sharing site information.

  6. THE fuck was great as long as you did not see the fucker’s face; he looked like he was mad at the whole world. damn i would think he would be extremely happy to have that cute; hot boy’s body to play with; i nver see any happy expression on the faces of fuckers. i would be smiling; or at least an evil grin like i am doin it to you dude

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