Warm Welcome; Paxton Ward and Julian Bell flip flop…8Teenboy

Warm Welcome indeed is what Julian Bell is doing for his new Boyfind Paxton Ward in this  torrid 8Teenboy debut! Paxton and Julian met during this shoot and are now real life boyfriends, not hard to see why in this scene which has two gorgeous prototypical blonds twinks who show just how sexually intense these two lads can be! Paxton is adorable and no doubt will be as popular among twink fans as Julian Bell! Highly recommended 5 stars!
Directed by Max Carter
Sex; 5 Stars BlackVideo; 5 Stars Black

There’s always gorgeous new, fresh faced pretty boys moving into our model apartments here at 8teenBoy; and, newbie Paxton is an absolute STUNNER! With his perfect pretty boy mug, pouty, plump kissable lips and come fuck me complexion, Julian Bell can’t resist giving the new guy the warmest of welcomes.

Confident cock slinger Julian commands the cutie to stand up and turn around so he can take in every angle of the new boy’s beauty. Paxton likes what he sees in blond boy Bell, and he’s happy to play along. Play time quickly turns to porn perfection as the two twink’s toss their cloth to the ground and give one another a good groping with a sexy side passionate tongue twirling.

Bell carries his kisses down Paxton’s peaches and cream toned tummy, unleashed his hard hog and downs the dude’s dick with horny hunger! He looks up at Ward with burning desire to slide his schlong between those beautiful bee stung lips. Bell moves his bangin’ body on top of the twink and plants his piece deep inside Ward’s warm, wet mouth while tasting Paxton’s pretty pink pucker 69 style.

Hot and horned up, Ward let’s his new friend know he’s ready for a fucking! Julian jockeys between the lad’s legs and jams his dick in the dude’s tight, teen hole. Paxton’s piece throbs and bounces with tingling ecstasy as Bell breaks the tight seal on the sexy boy’s booty. When Ward’s warm insides finally adjust, he hops on top and bounces on Bell’s big while his own big beast bobs up and down deliciously.

Seeing how much fun his bottom is having gets Julian’s juices flowing, so the tasty twosome trade positions. Paxton plunges into Bell’s butt like a beast and hammers the dirty dude doggy style till Julian’s cock creams all over Ward’s new bedspread! Paxton returns the favor, drenching Julian’s junky trunk with a ton of tasty twink toss! The sticky sweet semen splashed on Bell’s cheeks, then slowly drips down the dude’s delicious derrière, creating absolutely edible, frosted creamy cakes. Yummmy 8Teenboys!

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Just that Disney Kid moment wouldn’t you say?

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  1. When I first laid eyes on Paxton my first reaction was a resounding “WOW”, and nothing’s changed. Not only is he absolutely stunning in appearance, but he has the moves and a sultry, warm and fleshy eroticism of the perfect twink-model. And, this is only his second appearance! That he will rapidly become one of those young men that leave aficionados of this genre breathless and lusting for more is for certain.

    I’m just wondering how long Julian can maintain his twinkiness . Like just a few models in the industry, he continues to amaze us with his straight-forward sexuality and boyish manhood. Few models leave me truly stimulated; something not easily done these days, but Julian really does have the right stuff.

    With Max’s unique ability and style as a director and boys with this level of sexual magnificence and hotness 8TeenBoy will easily remain the best of the best.

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