Wes Campbell Interviews and Fucks Chandler Mason…Helix Studios

introducing-wes-campbell-001introducing-wes-campbell-003A beach interview leads to a Helix Studios bedroom romp with blond wunderkid Wes Campbell warming up and eating up a moaning Chandler Mason before a hard pounding anal onslaught!

I have decided Wes Campbell is the Disney kid who “got away” probably right after he hooked up with Chandler Mason! Yes this innocent looking lad had introducing-wes-campbell-005wild sex with the Latin hottie and said “fuck Disney in Florida I am going to San Diego to shoot porn” and applied to be a Helix Studios model!

Nice fantasy that might have some elements of truth, in the interview segment Wes admits to an interest in the movies. This 19 year old Kentucky teen from a “conservative area” also reveals he loves rimming, well I have been told shooting Wes is a breeze for the Helix crew since he is a “walking hard-on” 😛 Okay no Disney for Wes!

This is Chandler Mason’s 5th scene (He has a very hot 4k solo video shot by Max Carter out this past week) and the Chicago student, Fashion model and singer has certainly given Helix some Latin flavored heat! You will note Chandler is another who is rock hard in his scenes, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more topping from this very good versatile bottom! Speaking of versatility when will we see Wes Campbell make good on his Helix Bio which lists him as VERSATILE?  Highly Recommended Helix Studios!

Introducing: Wes Campbell
We’ve hooked up red hot Chandler Mason with fine ass fresh meat Wes Campbell so they can get to know each other a bit better. Wes’s lovely surfer boy locks are blowing in the breeze on a beautiful Cali beach as Chandler digs DEEP with some HARD hitting questions. Wes does not hold back! He gives Chandler all the grease on his first time, coming out of the closet, and how he like it in the sack and muchintroducing-wes-campbell-013 MUCH more!

All these tasty tidbits tantalize Chandler and he NEEDS to get the boy to the bedroom before he busts. Campbell is crazy sexy, super smooth with perfect skin, a nice cock and ample ass for days AND the kid knows what he’s doing! Cock crazed Campbell gulps at Chandler’s perfect piece before moving on to his hole; getting it moist and ready for an epic bare back bang!

Egging Wes on and moaning for more Mason milks his member till he’s covered with his own cum. The sight of Chandler sopping in his own semen sets off a chain reaction and Campbell can’t hold back; icing the kid’s cake like it’s his birthday and the cream pie that follows is a perfect present.

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  1. When the first Wes Campbell scene came out, the three-way with Logan and Blake, I had one of those “Holy Shit” moments. My tendency to lean toward the “Disney Kid”- types went into full tilt, and I hoped he wasn’t taken to the airport once he got his cloths back on. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case and I couldn’t have enjoyed his scene with Chandler more; magnificently attractive and an incredible performer and I absolutely, totally can’t wait for more of him.

    From what I can see, Chandler Mason is a natural, with a stunning body, IMHO, He’s one of the “new crop” that really get my attention and cause me to run up my data usage.

    As long as I’m here, I feel the need to mention “Goof Balls”. That scene with Felix and Grayson left me with the warm and fuzzys. The boys’ physical beauty notwithstanding, there appeared to be some really serious attraction between them. Great scene and great models. Gold stars:-)

    Something else I’d like to just mention………………a recommendation………..not trying to offend. If you’re a model and you are going to do a scene for Helix, please don’t show up with a day or two’s growth of facial hair. I know there’s a lot of preparation before the shooting starts, but, set aside five minutes, an hour or so before the pics are taken, with a good blade and buzz the grunge off; a quick pass with the Norelco the day before doesn’t work.

    As usual, the technical aspect and behind the camera work in these scenes was excellent.

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