Wes Campbell is Introducing Hunter Graham…Helix Studios

Wes-Campbell--Hunter-Graham--002Wes-Campbell--Hunter-Graham--009Tonight’s Helix Studios bareback rutting has Wes Campbell doing a lot of “introducing” to Hunter Graham! Wes’s TENTH scene is one of his best and the blond Kentucky Twink has proven himself since fall to be one of Helix Studios best twink tops! Maybe Wes is the new Troy Ryan? Curly mopped Hunter Graham has already been seen in a video with Evan Parker. I love Hunter’s very natural and sensual vibe, Hunter is obviously enjoying himself shooting porn, lets hope he continues!

We always like you to get to know our newest boys better. Today we sent pretty boy Wes Campbell in to explore the mind and the body of 18 year old super cutie Hunter Graham. We find out our fresh meat is in college and also about his coming out experience as well as his favorite movies. This IS Helix after all so naturally the conversation gets into sexy territory and the boys discuss porn, sex and ALL Hunter’s likes and kinks! This of course leads the boys to the bed room where a steamy hot make out/ strip session goes down.

Our newbie sucks cock like a pro and Wes welcomes him with a gorgeous knob gobble! The tiny twink has a surprisingly large package! Wes wets his ass appetite on Hunter’s smooth hindquarters by lifting the kid’s ass in the air to his wet and waiting mouth! #HOT Hunter slaps some lube on his hole and rides Wes bareback like a cowboy as he spanks his rock hard schlong.

Wes even gets in a couple spankings and our newbie is very verbal for being so young; your ears will be happy. Campbell’s Cali surfer boy hair dangles in his face as they switch positions so he can plow the kid even harder. Hunter’s hard on seems to be stretching even longer and it lets off some steam all over his beautifully smooth 18 year old tight belly! He’s able to keep Wes inside for a bit before the pretty top pulls out and blasts the kid like a firehose! They end with a kiss. Welcome to Helix Hunter!

Dont miss this Helix Studios!

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  1. I’ve concluded that anything that has Wes Campbell involved will be a steaming hot success and this is no exception. Hunter’s performance was no less erotic and together the boys easily put this on my list of favorites. Amazingly handsome models with great bodies can’t help but make for a really good scene, but when these young men came together with this erotic intensity it made for a scene that’s just unforgettable. Great work by Wes, Hunter, Casey, Alex and everyone involved.

    Since I’m still on a road trip and staying with “non-believers” I had to turn the volume down to keep Hunter’s soft moans from flooding the house. Also, thanks to Dewayne for showing me around SD.

  2. Wes is an amazing model to see on helix.

  3. Have you stopped posting to the blog, DeWayne? It’s been over 2 months. I just want to know if I should stop checking for new posts. If so, I’m sorry it’s ended.

  4. Morning Scott No I am not quitting. I will explain in a blog post what happened,

    I wanted to make some changes back end never found the time since April then some major drama in my life since resolved. I plan on posting Wes and Sean as a comeback post. Thanks for checking in!

  5. Glad to hear you’re coming back to the blog, DeWayne. Do you know why Helix hasn’t released a DVD since March? They had monthly releases before that. Are they giving up on producing new DVDs, or is there some other issue? Also, do you know if Sean Ford leaving Helix was as definitive as Liam Riley’s departure, or is it possible that after his time as a CockyBoys exclusive, he might come back? Did he burn his bridges? And while I’m asking questions, do you know if Casey Tanner’s apparent retirement from porn is permanent? I’m still holding out hope. Thanks!

  6. Helix decided to halt DVD production in March because of DVD sales continuing decline. Recently I learned they may start limited production of DVD’s they replicate in warehouse. You can use this small batch process to supply a limited but very devoted market. SO I expect DVD will be back in limited numbers and certainly some Movie titles will always be released.

    Sean Fords departure I take him at his word it was time for him to move on creatively. I am sure and I know Helix would have tried to accommodate any special wishes he might have had. He felt Cockyboys had more to offer him now professionally.

    I am sad to see him go, no denying this I look forward to some of the CB performers who want to shoot with Sean.

    Would he return? No idea Max Carter returned.

    I think Jake Jaxon forewarned all of us today when he said “.. I was even more surprised when I was told that he was interested in working for CockyBoys, considering he was at the top of his game at Helix, the studio who discovered and launched him. But once I spoke to him, I understood that this was someone who was, and will continue to, outgrow the space around him.” I fully agree that was my impression as well. Sean Ford may well be the new Brent Corrigan a porn superstar who then goes into Film or TV post porn. We get PornStars like a Sean Ford or Brent Corrigan once a decade at most.

    Those two examples Brent and Sean set a very high bar sexually and professionally and its very difficult to maintain that level of excellence.

  7. Thanks, DeWayne. I hope Helix returns to DVD production soon.

    Good to see you posting to the blog again!

    I’m sorry to see Helix Studios essentially reduced to a farm team for Cockyboys. Sean Ford, Liam Riley, Taylor Reign (aka Alex Vaara), Calvin Banks, Dalton Briggs, Max Carter–am I missing anyone? Whenever CB wants someone younger with fewer tats and less facial hair, there goes another Helix model. (And I think Max had a key reason to return–wasn’t he already boyfriends with Kyle at the time, who is part of the Helix business team as well as a model?) I know all these models left Helix on their own, but it’s still sad to see. Personally I’d rather see Helix keep its talent as they hit their 20s and turn into “twocks” instead of constantly replenishing it with guys who look like they just turned 18. Plus, Helix’s scenes are usually more sensual, with more kissing, and less mechanical than Cockyboy’s beautifully filmed but usually emotionally cold sex scenes.

    As far as whether Sean is another Brent Corrigan, I certainly hope he’s not as full of himself as Brent was at that age, or now. I think he’s sexier than Brent was–Brent had the face and ass, but not much of a body in between in his early years (and I was a huge fan). Sean’s sultry face is only the cherry on top of a beautiful, well-sculpted lean body and gorgeous ass.

  8. Dwayne, I’m really disappointed about stopping the dvd sales. So do we have to order asap or they will never be available. ?
    I’m glad you back posting and it’s perfect timing to see this beauty. Wes I hope will stay filming for many years a true pleasure to see, as I see from other comments, he is a desired gem for Helix.

  9. I was in the warehouse yesterday and Keith was emphatic new DVDs will be available soon at Helix.

    The Problem that led to the hiatus with DVD new releases they dropped the previous DVD replication company.

    Helix is buying its own DVD replicator and that means they can produce their own and if they run out of stock on a title they don’t need to wait to order 500 or 1000 at a time.

    Just a change on how they produce them.

    DVD market is not dead but its a declining format

    We understand Porn is a different market than Hollywood but the decline in DVD sales is happening worldwide with exception of emerging third world markets.

    The US and Europe everyone is going to streaming and subscription download sites.

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