Winter Break Ep 9;Trevor Harris,Taylor Coleman and Julian Bell…8Teenboy

The second to the last Winter Break episode 9, Distraction Techniques drops tonight on 8Teenboy and features another 3 way this time with cheated on Boyfriend Taylor Coleman joining Trevor Harris and Julian Bell for a “lets get even” threesome! Oh he gets over the “cheatin” BF alright with a hard DP from Trevor and Julian!

After finding out his boyfriend and best friend have been hooking up, and THEN attempting to make it right by sleeping with both of them, Taylor is a bit stressed out. So, he takes a midnight walk to clear his head and happens upon Trevor Harris. Trevor is pining over Julian Bell, who “thinks” he’s straight.

Taking a page out of his cheating boyfriends book, Taylor gets on his knees and swallows Trevor’s big bone right there in the balcony! It’s mighty chilly outside; so, Trevor suggests they head inside to take this trust to the next level. Warm and cozy indoors, Coleman finishes what he started and really lays into Harris’ huge hog, bobbing up on down on the big boy while Trevor helps out with a push at the back of the head. Trevor helps Coleman out of his jeans; then, he downs the dude’s dick with deep throat delight.

At Coleman’s request, Harris pushes the dirty blond’s legs up and eats that hot little, high school hole. He spreads the boy’s beautiful back seat then, slowly slides his darting tongue in and out of his smooth hole while teasing Taylor with his fingers. Confident Coleman could use a good cocking, he offers the guy a raw ride on his huge hammer.

The horned up hottie accepts and starts grinding his gorgeous ass to glory. Just when Coleman hits his stride, Trevor’s crush julian busts through the door. The secret sex partners go back and forth, arguing a bit until Harris finally gets Julian to admit he likes guys so he can join in the fun! Elated and free, he kisses his crush, then shoves his mouth on Coleman’s cock. The boys go buck wild, cocking one another’s holes in every configuration imaginable! Taylor gets up the courage to ask the boys to fulfill his wildest fantasy has a fantasy.

He wants to get D.P’d and, the boys are more than happy to oblige! They stuff Coleman chuck FULL of cock, stretching the hot high school senior out severely. The new sensation is unbelievable, and Trevor unleashes a tidal wave of white hot boy bust! The extra large load oozes down Coleman’s smooth crack and onto Bell’s beefy bone. Taylor reaches back and shoves the spunk back up his horny hole.

The warm nut up his butt causes his jock to jet a load of juicy jizz all over Julian’s heaving chest. He dismounts and Bell blasts a big beautiful load, splashing far and wide and all the way out of frame! Spent and satisfied, the thrupple relax in a cozy cum puddle before deciding to go find out what kind of trouble the others are up to. Find out with them, on the next dick and drama filled edition of “Winter Break!”

Check out Winter Break episode 9 an do not miss the Final episode Next Week on Thursday Nights!

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  1. Helix always has the best scenes with the models, this 3 way DP was one of there best.

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