Youth Gone Wild;Tristan Adler and Adam Hunt…8Teenboy

This is a new 8Teenboy scene shot in early April when I was in Vegas and first thing you will notice is sexy brunette Tristan Adler has added some muscle since his last scenes shot in December 2017. Fans on Tristan’s Twitter have been noticing, so has Helix which made Tristan a new Exclusive in April! Adam Hunt makes a good scene mate here blond and brunettes always stand out, Adam is a sensual twink who has satisfied in all his 8Teenboy scenes! His cum explosion while riding Tristan was the perfect ending that soon has Tristan busting! Highly Recommended 8Teenboy!

After a torrid teen make out session, Adam Hunt kisses Tristan Adler’s smooth six pack as he hunts the kid’s hog. The blond boner slayer finds the fat phallus and releases the beast into his wild, wet mouth. He gives the brunette’s big boy a full service suck job, complete with dick slapping tongue lashes, nut licks and a sultry slurping soundtrack with Adler’s magnificent moaning backing him up.

Tristan turns the tables and cross examines Adam’s ample appendage before lifting the lad’s legs and going gung-ho on the boy’s bunghole. After Adler annihilates Adam’s ass with his tongue, he ups the game and goes balls deep with that thick bareback dick of his. The beautiful brunette bad boy bones blondie’s booty on his back, his side and even takes the twink on a super hot raw ride.

Adam can’t contain his cum any longer. He knows this is his final fuck stop and gets off, splashing salty seed in the cut crevices of Tristan’s tight six pack. The bodacious bust bath brings Adler over the edge of pleasure and sends steaming streams of seamen sailing from his plump piece which has Hunt hypnotized in a hedonistic groin gaze. After taking in the orgasmic view of the volcanic cock eruption, the blond and brunette kiss passionately as a raunchy river oozes along all over Tristan’s tight teen torso.

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Tristan busts \/

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  1. This is a very oral scene and both models demonstrated their considerable talent in that respect and the gentle gasps and eroticism of this was heart-warming, and Tristan’s smile was a clear indication of his enjoyment. Seeing more of Adam would suit me just fine; his soft sighs and slender smoothness are most satisfying. Tristan really put some focus and effort into topping Adam and the anal culmination of this piece of work is as good as the beautiful oral beginning. Tristan and Adam get gold stars!!

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